Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Poo Index Too

The rage is all on talking about the daily poo index. Here too, is the latest news. My dear baby gave two explosive bombshells this morning. During diaper changing, there was a little reddish something about the size of a clipped nail, which looked suspiciously like undigested papaya. Yep, papaya. Dad gave him some last night, and he was tremendously entertained by the taste of it. Looked like the poor papaya pooped all the way out his intestinal tract without being absorbed into his system. Paws paws do not rock.

Yoga yesterday was pretty hot. The asanas Don did wasn't too difficult. Except that while you were into the pose, and you waited for the next instruction, and he went on and on and on to infinitidum. And you started dripping at the tip of your nose and at the tip of your fingertips, and if you could check, you'd be sure that your whole body was soaking wet too.

Damn, hold pose for so long!! Wah ... that increased the difficulty level plus plus. I haven't done such yoga for so long! A bit the rusty!

But I tried the backbend (Urdhva Dhanurasana) and yay! I could push myself up now without any help! Wrist hurt if stayed too long though.

Wanted to take up the challenge and do headstand, but perhaps it was due to lack of breakfast, I toppled over and almost crashed into Wen. Good thing she hadn't lay down on her mat yet. :P

Inspection was quite an anti-climax. That'd be one less stress off the mind. :) I spent the whole morning fixing up those ikea chairs. Now, if anyone needs help fixing one, call me. I can get them done in five minutes now! Hubby fixed the first one and he took almost half an hour! Guys never follow instructions. Heh.

Baby had his second five-in-one jab. This time there was no comfort milk. He started crying when the alcohol was applied on his skin! Smart boy knows jab was coming. But I guesss the jab wasn't as painful as he expected for he stopped crying almost immediately after that. :P

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