Sunday, April 23, 2006

Baby's gold

One would have thought that one is stealing all his gold by the way he whimpers and cries everytime one tries to wipe his snot off his nose. My dear baby hates to have his face wiped, or his nose cleaned for that matter. Is he going to grow up to be a dirty baby? Whacks his backside!

Baby's voice is also a bit squeaky. Seems that we both have the same symptomes! Heh.

Taking care of baby is not difficult, if he only eats, sleeps and shits. In between when he is awake, you have to be his entertainer, his walker, his voice ... basically, his everything. He wants to be carried, he wants to look around, so you have to carry him and walk to places which are interesting. He's bored, he wants to be entertained, so you have to make funny faces or read to him or play with him. He wants to hear your voice, you sing to him or talk to him or make funny noises for him to laugh. He wants to sleep, you have to rock him till he sleeps. He is the KING. And you're the slave.

If you have all the time in the world, and need not do anything else, then perhaps it isn't too difficult after all. :P

Otherwise you can be that kind of carer, who simply shut the ears and be oblivious to baby's whinnings and complains. Heh. Most guys are like that, that's why women are more harrassed taking care of babies than men.

Hubby does take care of me and baby. He has been bathing baby for the past few days, seeing as how I'm sick. At night, he'd wake up and get baby to sleep when he wakes up and cries, although I have to poke him to get up. :P What else? Well, he nags at me to take antibiotics, perhaps that's the way guys take care of their gals. I'm quite happy the way it is. :) Just can't help it that I'm sick and lost my voice. It was a very horrid cold.

Unfortunately I think those people at work don't understand how seriously ill I am. Their eyes bulged when I took three straight days of MC. Perhaps I should have taken for the whole week, now that I've lost my voice ... isn't it worse now? :(

How now?

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