Sunday, April 30, 2006

The end story that interests

Okie, so I got hooked on Rome finally after watching the last episode yesterday. Now I understand why hubby reads books from the middle or even from the back. Or perhaps it was because I had time to sit down and watch it together with hubby and baby. And it wasn't late at night, for I'm always too tired by then.

And it was the last episode that I realised that blonde hair chap hero guy was called Vorenus. Dear hubby tried explaining the plot to me, but I didn't really catch what he was trying to say. :P So I found this.

During the show, when Ceaser was stabbed many times, and finally Brutus stabbed him, I was waiting for Ceaser to say, 'Et tu, Brutus?' Waited and waited and waited .... but the tyrant died without saying anything! Wah ... cheated! And I thought Mark Anthony was killed or ordered away by Ceaser before that fatal day? Why was he still alive at the end? Hmm ...

And the gauls came into the senate!! There I was telling dear hubby, You see, Ceaser conquered all the gauls except for a small village of gauls who refused to surrender to Ceaser. And dear hubby looked at me strangly and laughed and laughed crazily after that.

Yep, a skewered history indeed.

Whatever much I knew about Julius Ceaser was the little from Shakespeare and most from Asterix and Obelix. I don't think I've really read Shakespeare's Julius Ceaser, but somehow I know bits and pieces of the story. Don't ask me how!

Anyway I was hooked onto the story after hubby told me the most interestingly funny part: that Pullo was the only one who had a happy ending (he had the pretty slave girl in the end) and he was the one who created all the trouble in the first place. Heh. Cute.

So here I am, digging for more of the story. Yep, can learn from hubby: to read the ending/middle first of any story.

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