Sunday, April 09, 2006


Hubby has finally done it! He had been itching to do it for ages ... Dear baby has finally gotten a taste of how it's like to be upside down!

And he loved it! Well, both of them loved it. :P

For a short while only, because the mummy is worried that baby is too young for such rough play.

Headstand anyone? :P

Or armstand?

Inversions are always wonderful. Heh. I should go and do one right now.

And this morning I was rather stressed, and so I did ten Surya Namasakar! Feels good! Would have done more, except that I wanted to iron some clothes before everyone wakes up.

Nowadays I can wake up very early. Four-thirty sometimes, five most of the times, and six today. It's wonderful how much things can get done early in the morning.

During the pregnancy term however, I was most often tired, and couldn't wake up in the morning. I needed more rest and sleep then. I was slightly anaemic. And so I was severly penalised. And so I remembered, and so I will not forget. What goes around comes around.

We all agreed that MrWalrus was not a good leader at all. No purpose, not organised and dunno where he's going. In fact, many of them are like that too. Me? I'll just do what I need to do, and because of what you did to me, I shan't be too nice to you either.

*smiles sweetly*

Not as if you were very nice to me either. I can smell hypocrisy a mile away.

Although I do not try to be suspicious of everyone and suspect that they're all trying to cheat me. That would be paranoid.

One just needs to do what one needs to do.

If you do a good job, you'll get the credit for doing it. Why look for smoke when there's none? Maybe once bitten, twice shy, but it doesn't mean that you lock yourself up second time and curse everyone that comes knocking. Be wary, be prudent, but not be paranoid.


If I am paranoid, I would think that she had never trusted me or liked me very much. I'm to be blamed for the high cholestrol level because there's no nutritious homecooked food. I'm to be blamed for moving out. I'm to be blamed for having not enough money. I'm to be blamed for starving him when baby's hungry. I'm to be blamed for introducing a friend who's out to take advantage. I'm to be blamed for recommending a contractor who's out to cheat. Gosh. Aren't we glad that I'm not too paranoid after all?

Hmm, I wonder if people actually think of things that way?

Sometimes I do envy her. :)

But I'm a down-to-earth practical taurus, and I don't need other people to define happiness for me.


So saying ... this year I shall follow Wen and demand for my birthday presents from all my friends. heh heh heh.

P.S: Please don't give me any cosmetics because I can't finish any of them!

Wen is so right. Women spend so much on make up and at the end of the day, the colours are all washed down the drain. Translate: money literally down the drain. Then skin gets dry and they spend tons of money for facials and skin care etc. Heh.

Me? I just want to get rid of all those stupid whiteheads on my nose. :P

And please stop dropping hair.


Oh, and I bought a cute little eye-lash curler from BB. Now ... to learn how to use it. Hmmm. I wonder would it actually make a difference if I curl and not use mascara?

Damn sh*tty ... nowadays I dare not contact a friend of mine anymore. :(

Countdown: Moving on to Week Four.

I finally bought a nice hot oven! Time to try some baking. What shall I bake? Heh.

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