Friday, April 28, 2006

The Art of Nothingness

Goodness gracious triple damnations. The comments in Wen's blog is the pits. Now I can't even log in! What the ... #@$%!! And I don't feel any better after sending her an SMS to complain about her comments page. Grrrr. Seems only her patient cowabunga chap is still bothering to comment. That's what boyfriends are for I guess. Heh heh. :P

By the way, cows have four stomachs, not three.


I too, look forward to the durian season. This afternoon, I saw some pretty good ones at the central. Yum ... But my voice is still recovering, so I don't think it's going to be a good idea to take any at the moment yet. I like my durians a little bittersweet with soft smooth moist flesh. How do you like yours?

Today they got a parent to come and teach yoga. After five minutes into it, I was like thinking to myself ... huh? You call this yoga? Gee, I can teach them better. Duh. Everything was done haphazardly. I rolled my eyes.

If there is no one to contest, it doesn't mean that everyone supports you. Why do they all make it sound like so? Huh?

I miss my dear hubby even more now. :(

Baby is growing out of his clothes very fast. I will have to buy more stuffs for him soon. Me bad, hardly buy things for him! Most of the clothes he's wearing right now are from friends. :P We didn't have many hand-me-downs either. All his cousins are big boys now, and all their baby clothes are gone. Gee, I was really shopping at the last most minute, I remember I had to ask Wen to help me get more mittens while I was lying in bed after birth then. And we were still buying stuffs for baby two days before he was due!

Reading this makes me think of those times when I was carrying my baby too. Heh heh.

And we forgot to get diapers for him even after he arrived! Good thing we had some free stuffs from the hospital, and from our neighbours and friends. Very disorganised eh? :P

I think I'm teaching baby that stress = eat. Oh dear. *slaps forehead* Is he going to grow up to be like youknowho? He's definitely big for his size. Some neighbour a few floors down thought he was at least eight months old. Another was saying to his kids, you boys are so skinny! Look at that baby! He's so .... *ten minute pause* ... ... ... chubby! *rolls eyes* I could hear his brain ticking overtime to think of a politically correct relevant word. I could hear the echo of the original word resounding through his brain. Ya, say it. Fat. But baby doesn't look it. He's just big for his size. And baby's so cute! So cute and cuddly and I love him so! :)

Will put more pics up soon when I buy batteries for the camera. :P

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