Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chicken Little

This set of nice green clothes baby is wearing is from Auntie Wen from Bangkok. Jim Thompson wor ... cloth very soft. But if you looked closely enough, you can see his little ... err, big I mean, and super round tummy. And the whole set (which is for six to twelve months old, Wen said) is just a little tight around the waist ... and just a little small for baby.

How about that!

7.8 kg as of today. Eight very soon eh? :)

His other nice cookie mon suit is at my mom's place. The last time he wore it, he pooed into it again. :P So I gave it to my mom to scrub off the poo. Heh. Somehow whenever he wears the cookie mon suit, he'd have so much more poo that it usually overflow out of his diapers. Leaked. Eeeugh.


If you ask me, I think friend Wen is going a little bit off her rockers. Daily poo index, and giving names to ... err ... things. :P I mean I've known her for years, and last time when I told her about blogging, she was like ... blogging? Bah ... imagines waving her hand and rolling her eyes. See what she has become now. Blogging! Man .... the daily poo index and giving names to ... err ... things. Heh heh.

Perhaps that has got something to do with hitting the big Three. *bleah*

Me? I can't imagine calling my computer a ... name! Or my hp, or well .. maybe the bed, and who knows what! Even if I were to have an apple computer, it would still be the apple. And a long time ago, the cat was the CAT, and baby was BABY ... until when he was born, we still hadn't had a proper name for him! :P

Anyway, since her atom doesn't get along with megan, does it mean she's going to get a new computer? heh heh.

I was quite surprised to read that the atom uses palm software. Hubby's mini uses windows, and horrors of horrors, microsoft outlook! He never even sych it then. Good thing I did not get the o2 after all. My sleekest slimmest razor serves me well. The photos taken are of quite good quality too. It's a bit troublesome not having an organiser. My ex-palm was heavily used until it died, and for a while it took a bit getting used to not having a palm. *shrug*

Anyway yoga last night was pretty cool. I was surprised I could do most of the leggy poses now. Seems that I'm getting the strength back from my thighs. But horrors of horrors ... my upper arms are water! I couldn't even do the armstand! I went whoops and flopped down on my head! Arrgh. Yes! I could have done it last time before I had baby!!

Must do more yoga ...

Perhaps when hubby settles down in his work and we've decided to leave baby at my parent's place for a few nights, I can start going for more classes.

Who says dogs don't cry? Ha. Didn't Holly yelp so loudly that she could be heard on the stairs? hahaa. Hey, baby doesn't cry much at all! And he wakes up every morning and greets me with a big wide smile! :)

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