Thursday, March 23, 2006


If ever a baby can have a guilty look, my little one certainly has perfected his!

Over diaper changing today, he silently peed when dear hubby wasn't looking, and gave a sweet guilty smile when hubby turned his head back. Puzzled, dear hubby lifted his bum up and found him soaking wet.

Next, my dear little baby transcended all boundaries... he pooed onto me! Onto my shirt and shorts!! A splat of runny hard boiled eye yolk. And with the smell too! Euuugh. I was holding him to clean his face before putting him into the tub! Waah. Euuugh.Waaaah.

So mummy had her revenge, between dear hubby and myself, little baby of mine had a new experience of how water smelt like. He breathed water today, and howled his heart out after that. Heh heh. Drinking tub water has become quite a norm, especially when dear hubby bathes him. Or rather dunks him.

After mummy's shrieks and baby's howls quieten down, we both laughed and giggled and made amends.

So here he is, my little baby boy blue. :) Complete with all that double chin, itching-to-pinch cheeks and rotund tummy. And a cheeky smile too.

Whenever the car door closes on us, baby would start getting a panic attack. He would hyperventilate, whimper and break into a cold sweat.

Gotta get him a sonic jet airplane!

Even if he had just been fed at home, and diapers changed and all that, he would still start to shake and be extremely agitated.

I wonder why? Car-claustophobia?

The only way to soothe him is to let him have more milk.

So you wonder why he's of that size? Heh heh.

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