Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Baby goes adventuring

So today baby dearest wore another of his new clothes. This time in blue. Baby sports car driver. Vrooom vrooom. I packed him up in his a little too tight socks and onto his pram away we go. He loves going out. And he'll always fall asleep on the train. It's quite easy to move around actually. Where there are lifts to go up and down, except that when the lift is not working, it gets a bit tough.

But hey, it's fun!

Baby dearest is so smart. He knows when I'm feeding him milk in the bottle, and he'd simply grin at me but not wanting to drink any. He wants his milk fresh, thank you very much. Duh.

I bought him down to the baby fair to get some stuffs. Basically I just want to get out of the house. It's so depressing to stay in all day and be bothered by unhappy thoughts. I didn't want to see them too. Changed my mind. Better not be around in case they want to come down!

She just can't let go. It's been more than a year already. :(

I guess I'm definitely not the favourite person of the year. Well, never was, never felt accepted, never felt loved, never felt anything. I shouldn't care so much, but it's me ... sometimes I do get affected.

Hubby mentioned the other day that us sporeans love using the words 'actually' and 'basically' a lot. How true! heh heh.

The phone doesn't stop ringing. I've kinda stopped answering. Heh heh.

But I'd finally sat down and called them back and started making the appointments. It can be quite frustrating, because I don't really know what exactly and how he wants it. So duh. Grrrr.

I should do my markings instead. Brought back a ton of books but have not touched them yet! *bleah*

Finally wore my new pair of tods shoe (bought last year or was it the year before?). They're sooooo lovely! Heh heh heh. Goes very very well with my jeans. Heh heh heh. Heh heh heh. :) Gee, things like that makes me happy. :P Got blisters after that ... but still happy. heh. Waah, can't wait for the next sale ... wanna get sandals this time!

Mom didn't want to stay over tonight and take care of baby tomorrow. *Sniff* So have to bring him there early in the morning. *sniff* *sniff*. They all want him to stay at their place. They all love him sooo much. But he's mine! MINE MINE MINE! How can let him stay there everytime. We'll miss him so much! Don't they understand!

I guess I am not the favourite child after all.

My colleague's mom stays with her everyday of the weekdays and only goes back during the weekends.

Mom doesn't want to do that. She wants to take my baby away from me. *sniff sniff* :(

So since we're reluctant to leave him there overnight, we'll have to wake up very early and drive him down everyday. *sigh*

No wonder I'm losing so much weight.

I'm not the favourite child.

Big brother old man leow have to go army camp, mom has to be around to see him off. Wah piang.

No wonder my brothers are forever mummy's boys .... will someone introduce him a girl!?!!! I think no girls want him too. HAHAHa.

Must not do that to my baby. Ever.


Oh well ... I don't mind driving down every morning to leave baby at my parent's place and picking him up after work, but poor hubby is the one taking the punch, since his working hours are so long. What to do what to do what to do?

Wen's blog got problem posting comments one. I tried and re-tried again and again, copy and paste and click and click ... in vain.

Actually I just wanted to laugh at her for her guy commented that she got short legs. Well said man! HAHAHAHAHA.


And I can't believe she's so chicken ... what, only 90km/h on roads here? Wahh ... I think I actually went up to 110km/h here ... Hmm, never tried it at 160km/h ... sounds fun. Heh.

Anyway, she gave me a couple of yoga pants recently ... said they looked wierd on her. I wondered why. Asked her if they made her butt looked too big. Hahaha :P I also don't wear three-quarts at home, usually shorts only. But just to try them out, I wore the black one yesterday. Dear hubby came home and commented what's with that auntie look. Wah lao.


No can do.

They're quite comfy though.


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