Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hip Hop

They're all playing the harp downstairs. Sometimes I think the best of intentions may lead to the worst of disasters. Up to a certain extent, there has to be a certain trust to do certain transactions. If everything also kenna hiam until like no tomorrow, then how to get anything done at all?

One month has passed.

I'd like something real cold and sweet to drink right now. :)

I'd like to do some baking ... am going to buy a proper oven! Heh.

Have been going through recipes after recipes. Make my mouth water. Did I mention I can never feel full? At most just feel rather sick of the food. Sooo .... I still feel like eating something. :P

I really like mushishi very much!

Liked I've said before, it isn't really very exciting, but the stories get onto you. Very subtly. The drawings with the misty atmosphere and the characters really ... how to say ... the whole anime is simply a work of art. Subtle, breathless, beautiful.

Can't wait for the next episode!

Much things are being said, being planned ... but never were carried out. Either we get too tired, or too busy or something popped out. *sigh*

Poor baby, would his parents be too busy for him next time?

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