Monday, March 20, 2006

My little baby terror :)

Today, baby is sooo twitchy the whole day. Put him down on the bed alone and he'd start to whimper. And cry. Rock him to sleep and in less than fifteen minutes, he'd wake ... and start to whimper. And cry. And howl. Oh god ....Let him sucker to sleep, and same thing happen. I'm so tired.

Maybe he knew that his greatgrandma had passed on.

Poor baby. Mom and all my aunties told me not to bring baby down. Will have to leave him somewhere so that I can see my grandma for one last time.

Oh well ...

I guess grandma will be at peace now. Perhaps she'll meet grandpa somewhere and be happy. My elder bro told me she visited him in a dream, looking young and pretty again, and was so happy. She was packing her things and told him to take care, since he was still coughing, and to take more herbal stuffs. Grandma also visited some of my uncles and aunties in their dreams. How come she never visit me? *sniff*

Maybe I'm too thick-headed for such stuffs. Or maybe elder bro has always been grandma's favourite.

Perhaps that's why baby has been fussing all day today.

My little baby terror. I still love him. :) Babies are so much more cuter and lovely and so much more rewarding than any dogs. Heh ... at least, I clean his butt after he poos everytime. Gosh, I don't think one cleans a dog's butt everytime they pooed right ... and imagine them sitting on your bed or on your lap after that ... euuugh. No diapers too. Euuugh.

My little baby terror. He likes to laugh a lot. :) And he always brings a smile to our faces no matter how tired we are. And now he giggles and chuckles at the slightest thing, and baby always smiles at me when I smile at him.

My little sweet baby terror. Every morning when he wakes up, he'll greet us with a big smile. And he doesn't mind being woken up at all when he's asleep. Not grumpy at all. :)

I love my baby so :) .... and dearest hubby too. :)

Hubby now has a second baby. Sometimes he's so busy we do feel a little neglected. And if he's not busy, he'd be worried and preoccupied. I guess that's the way it's going to be for a while. Mustn't get upset ... I guess after all, we must remember that he still loves us. *sigh*

When I feel stressed, I will eat chocolates. Must go stock up more. Amos double chocolate chip cookies had been a great help. Especially with milk. I think my tummy just got even more flabby.

Damn should go for more yoga. And blading. Duh.

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