Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tell me why ...

This morning, I woke up very early. I went downstairs to wash the glass bottles and milk bottles and put them into the steralizer. I took out the plastic tray in the steralizer and added water to make up the mark. I put back the plastic tray and closed the cover. I pressed the button and heard the beep of the steraslizer starting up. I smiled contentedly to myself.

Then I woke up, and realised I had to do everything again.


Last night yoga was great. I wished I could do yoga twice weekly ... or maybe even three times a week. Nowadays doing yoga doesn't leave me tired. In fact, I feel full of energy after that. Which is quite bad cos I need to sleep after that! And now that Viv has pushed back the class half an hour ... am I going to sleep even later at night?

I'm making red bean soup right now, and it smells heavenly. *mouth waters*

I felt hungry immediately after lunch. Was itching to pop some chocolates, or cookies (btw, have already finished the 300g of chocolate chip cookies Min gave me!) into my mouth. But restrain! Restrain!!!

Thou shalt not eat too much food with empty calories. May make baby fat! Must eat more fruits!!!


I'm dropping so much hair that it's quite scary. Yesterday morning, dear hubby lifted up my fringe and exclaimed! Bald spot!! Waah lao ...


Thy body is telling me that I must go for a massage soon. :P

But I have so many deadlines which died last week! Arrgh.

I always thought that the males should be clean shaven. When he walked past and peered into the windows, I was pretty much surprised, for I thought a walrus had descended upon me. I always had that impression. hahaha.

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