Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's March!

Gosh, time flies so fast, can't believe it's already March. I'm surviving everyday on about four hours sleep. My eyes are tired. :P

I miss my baby. Especially when he has to stay with my parents for the night. Sniff. Mom doesn't want to come everyday. *sniff*

It's nice to have Mom here. Got nice lunch and dinner and I'm not the one cooking! :)

There's a mushi living in my left ear. It eats up the sound. Especially when it gets extremely noisy. The mushi has the shape of a snail and it resembles the inner ear. When the world is too quiet, it would sneak into human ears and feed on the sound. Mushi-shi is very interesting. I wouldn't say it is exciting ... just interesting. I liked the latest one where there is a snake-like mushi which creep into the brains and eats up memories. It's amazing how creative the stories are!

Fantastic Children was nice. Well, for the first season at least. I wished they had put in more on the mysterious children ... but it turned out to be a tragic love story, somewhat in the lines of Shakespeare. Still nice, but it would have been nice if they mentioned what happened to the rest of them in the end.


I'm always hungry. I've had a big dinner and now I'm feeling hungry. I had a big dinner but I don't seem to feel full after that. Perhaps there's a mushi involved. :P Gotta wait for the next installments. Heh.

PM said that I must be the only one who complains about losing weight. Well, I just don't want to look too sunken and sickly. Wouldn't be nice to be like a skeleton, don't you think?

Hmm ... must look for food ..... *bleah*

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