Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Making faces

From Xena ... from My Heritage ... the photo you choose is very important ... it tells a million stories.

74%! Lee Young-ae. Wooohooo ... hahahhaa. *blush*

67% Gwyneth Paltrow *bleah*

66% Natalie Imbruglia. Hmmmm ...

66% Greta Garbo Really?

64% Ofra Haza. Dunno who?

61% Rachel Weisz Waaaah.

Unbelievable! HAhaha ... I don't think I look at all like any of them! Hahahaha.

And guess what my dear little baby is like?

54% Uma Thurman. I have yet to die laughing!

From here:

What do we know? :P

P.S: Mushishi ...

PPS: Whoops, I didn't do my homework again.

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