Thursday, March 16, 2006


Actually my dear fellow galfriends, when I've been upgraded to mom status, all of you dear galfriends are automatically upgraded to auntie status. So my dear Wen .... you are AUNTIE, whether you liked it or not. At least I don't have a big bum. :P hahaha. Or aching bones. hahaha.

But speaking of becoming old ... don't know why my tailbone feels painful sitting on hard surfaces, or even cushioned surfaces. The only place it likes is the bed. So guess what. I'm spending more time on it to read, to mark etc. :P

And speaking of old again, gosh, two years ago, I could do back bends like no one's business. I remember once I attended a workshop by Joan, and there I was going all the way back like nothing. Nowadays I don't even dare to do it ... for fear of breaking something! The worst is my wrist hurts so much I can't put any weight on it anymore! It couldn't get the proper rest it deserves, for when baby cries I still have to carry him! And bathing him which twist my wrist makes it even worse. :(

Damn damn and triple damnation.

I ought to do something about it soon. I wonder if it'll help if I get it bandaged? Now sometimes writing with a pen hurts as well.


And bloody bleach has gotten licensed.

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