Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Goo Goo Ga!

My dear baby is not yet two calender months, and he has just been upgraded to medium sized diapers. He sure got a big butt, and very healthy loud lungs. He will scream if he has to wait just a little longer for his food. Fortunately it's not very often, but my parents sometimes let him scream a little, to exercise the lungs, they say. *rolls eyes*

Dear baby doesn't like the cold. He loves to be in a hot and sweaty situation, the hotter and sweatier it is, the better. Ohh, I on the air-con to cool him down and he starts grunting in discontent. Humf.

Now he weighs slightly more than 6kg. One can never really tell with that weighing machine. It can go as much as 6.4 to as low as 6.1. Wen says it's all in the tummy. Heh.

I've stopped worrying how much milk he's drinking. As long as he wants it, he gets it. The weather is so ridiculously hot I'm afraid he'll be dehydrated. So he gets all he wants. :) I think he'll beat the neighbour's girl very soon. We're all betting on it. :P

I love my baby! Sometimes I'll get angry with him because he just doesn't want to go to sleep and I need to do housechores and he'll just be a kaobao (cry baby). Othertimes it's just so nice to lie back and play with him and see him laugh and smile and sleep. And it helps to be able to get out of the house now and then and go for yoga or go for a walk.

Yoga on monday wasn't as bad as I thought. V's beginner class was rather chickenfeed. Heh. Think I can go back to her gen class, although I might not be able to do somethings. But class on mon was like no kick. *bleah* She's really kind on her beginner students!

It's hard for me to stay indoors all day and all week. I need sunshine. I need fresh air. Sometimes I would be annoyed that my life has become so restricted. I just can't go anywhere! Because there's no one to look after baby. Dear hubby tries to help but it's hard for him too as he has long hours and when he's not working, I'd rather spend some time together with him. Fortunately, my father has volunteered to come around in the evenings to babysit. It helps greatly, even if I don't get out of the house, there is someone to play with baby.

Baby is getting more demanding. When he's not sleeping, he wants to be entertained. Put him alone for too long and he'll start exercising his strong and healthy lungs. Both hubby and I are getting old. Heh. Good thing we have our baby now. Can't imagine what's it like if we do get any older! *bleah*

So I managed to get some time off and went to the libary yesterday. Borrowed four books, and I've finished one of them.

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I liked the book! Lovely story! A good blend - meaning not too ridiculous like how TP can get, and not too confusing like how NG can be. Heh heh. I wonder how authors work together when they write a book together. Do they each write one chapter alternatively? When reading the book, sometimes I can see the heavy hand of TP, other time, the style really reads like NG. But it was definitely funny and engaging. I finished the book by evening, in between feeds, and cooking and washing. Never did find the time to clean the house as I had wanted to yesterday before I left for the library! :P

I had wanted to write this much earlier, but couldn't find the time. Full Metal Alchemist - the movie. I loved the series so very much! Did I mention it before? I remembered crying twice watching the series. Once when Captain Hughes died, and second at the end of the series. I think it was a couple of years back, but FMA was easily one of the best animes I've watched. The other is Hunter X Hunter. Now the movie was quite a let-down. I guess you can't really put too much into just two hour. Although it wraps things up nicely, it just doesn't have that beauty in it. The story was still good, but it seemed a little rushed and rather confusing, running from one world to the other. The explanation for the bad guys to attack the other world was pretty lame, like it was simply put in to end the story and wasn't given enough thought. Sometimes it's enough to just watch the series and be happy with it. Sometimes mysteries are not meant to be solved.

And to end it all, see how big my boy has become in just a few weeks! :P

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