Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Baby Talk 2 - Just how big is the tummy?

It wouldn't be so tiring if I could sleep when baby sleeps. But when he sleeps, I would have to rush through all the chores - washing clothes, vacumming, mopping etc. Now I'm exhausted. I need to do more exercise! My back is aching. :(

Dear baby likes to pee when his diapers are being changed. It's like a game between hubby and baby. Dear hubby would prepare tissue to catch any pee, but baby was still too quick for him. Whoopies ... and when the deed is done and he is oh-so-wet, baby dearest would give his cheeky little grin. We certainly weren't very amused when it was 3am in the morning!

It has become quite a routine for baby to drink as much milk as he could, thereafter to be followed by throwing up, and a most satisfied happy little chuckle he would give.

During CNY this year, us proud parents brought him a visiting many places. All the uncles and aunties and granduncles and grandaunties, not forgetting his grandparents all went gaga over him. Ohhh, and baby dearest loves to be carried. And being the centre of attention. And he certainly had a good harvest of angpows. Heh heh.

So I was talking to my friend the other day, and she was telling me all about how stressful it was to breastfeed. It made me think how fortunate I've been. To have such a wonderful supportive hubby! :) I wouldn't have gotten this far without him. Thanks dearest. I love you. :)

And of course it helps to be able to blog and whine about it. We just have to find ways to destress. It's definitely not easy to cope.


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