Saturday, February 04, 2006

Baby thoughts

Why does baby smell like a hamster?

I'm serious!
Baby just peed on me! Even in diapers. I think the diapers is too small for his big butt. He's so big! He looks like he's more than three months! Sometimes he's so big till I forgot that he's not even two months yet, and must be more gentle with the vulnerable baby. Oh dear.

Baby must remember that Auntie PM is the one who said cannot feed him. But she gave up after he screamed his lungs out when we withheld the milk. Heh heh. He was certainly not amused. Nothing must stand between a big baby and his milk!

He's now taking more than four oz. Definitely going to beat the baby girl next door who was 7kg at three months and is now in the 97th percentile. We're building little sumos here. Will send baby next door to fight when he can hold his neck up. Heh. :P Why are the babies all so big here? Perhaps it's in the water, said PM. :P

Thinking about baby is rather theraputic. Otherwise I'm so stressed up nowadays. One month of leave left, and we haven't figured out what to do with baby yet. Sniff sniff. It's not nice to have babies in this world, in this time and age. How to take care of him and go to work at the same time? If don't go to work, then how to survive? Who's going to take care of my dear little baby? *sob*

We're trying to get Mom to come and help, but she has three big baboons to feed and wash up after them. Them three are just really big baboons. Huh. Can't even take care of themselves. Huh.


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