Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Baby Talk 3 - A bundle of activity

It's been an hour since his last feed, and baby dearest isn't sleeping yet! I've tried all stuffs, and I'm dead beat. Am putting him in the harness and having stacy kent to soothe him. He's still laughing and kicking happily. At least he's not fussing.


And the last diaper change sees him peeing on himself yet again.

*slaps forehead*

Day One.
We had lunch at hubby's parents' place. Lunch was a lot of leftovers re-cooked. It wasn't too bad, I guess, it could have been worse. Baby was all dressed up in his new red clothes, which we went to buy a couple of days before. He looked really cute! But all parents would say that huh. :) As usual after lunch, the family would settle to play cards. This year hubby finally made something. I think it must be the absense of his brother and family. Or perhaps our dear baby is bringing him some luck. :)

Dinner we went to my parents' place. All my uncles and aunties went gaga over dear baby. Dear baby was very happy to be carried. Can see that he loves being the centre of attention. Ohhh, he was so guai the whole day. Tsk tsk tsk. At home where got like that? :P

Played mahjong with my aunt, cousin and brother. Was sitting in for my mom actually. It was pretty addictive, hmmm ... perhaps we could play somemore. At the end of the rounds, my father remarked that the overall winner should be my mom. Indeed. hahaha. the rest are nothing compared with the expertise of my mom. I did win a bit for her. :P

Day Two
We brought baby to visit friends. I guess we wouldn't have done that on our own, but it's rather nice to show off baby and collect some anypows for him. Heh heh. While he's still cute and allows us to bring him out. We went to P's place for lunch. Her baby girl is sooo cute too, but is suffering from stranger anxiety. She was quite taken with our baby though, and she was doing some major baby talk. Don't think our baby understand much yet though. heh. I called PM to join us, since she was going to visit her sister who lives in the next block. I say, free nanny ... heh heh. PM sure loves to carry baby!

After that, all three of us, and plus the nanny PM, went to visit HY. We stayed for a while, borrowed more dvds, then dropped PM back at her sis's place. Went home to nap, and went to hubby's friend's place for dinner. Everyone there was sooo taken with baby. The friend's wife, and the wife's friends were simply standing around watching baby sleeping on the bed. I thought they were going to play mahjong actually, but they seem so baby-struck. heh heh. Baby is definitely a hit this time!

Day Three
Hubby's parents and friends came over to swim. I think his parents just wanted to play with baby. We went out for lunch together at this interesting place which sells smoked camphor duck. The fat really melted in your mouth! Damn sinful! Oh boy. The butter prawns and the crabmeat eggs were delicious too! I wanna go back again!

All in all, many many things going on during those few days. I think this is the most busy CNY I've ever experienced! Nice though. :)

And baby enjoys himself very much. Sleeps very well at night after that. heh

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