Sunday, February 12, 2006

My baby, my joy

Baby is officially two calender months old today. He's so cute! He's always all smiles when he's with strangers, even when his diapers is full of poo. Ha. Sure isn't like that when we're home alone.

My dear baby, sleeping so soundly now. Got a feeling he's going to cry very soon when he wakes up. Right now, we shall not disturb the sleeping cat. :P

There you go, more eye candy. :)

It can be quite depressing not to be able to go anywhere at all, but simply to stay at home all day looking after baby. It's nice to be with him, but sometimes it really bites the dust, and you just wanna get out of the house. *sob*

I don't even have time to go out and do any shopping! My friends birthdays have come and gone, and I didn't even have time to go hunt for presents. :( *sigh*

I guess, in a way, I'll be glad to be able to go back to work. At least I wouldn't become mush, it does get that way when you stay at home all day and have no one to talk to. Except baby, and that doesn't count. I need to go out and mix around with people, or I'll just become dull old me. *sigh*


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