Friday, February 03, 2006

Jiggle Juggle - Second Thoughts

Planning things is always such a headache. But somehow I'm always ending up having to do the gathering, the planning, the getting the people. Actually this time I didn't plan to do anything, for she wasn't extremely enthusistic and I didn't think anyone else would be free. And it's such a headache trying to get everyone together. But it took one phone call, another phone call, one very persuasive person (not me!) and wala, tonight we will celebrate Min's big three together. Heh heh.

Okie, it's a bit last minute. If not for PM, I don't think we'll be doing this. After all, I'm always meeting up with Min, and we had dinner together much much earlier. Nevertheless, I sent out an sms, and if the rest can join us, that'll be nice. If not, there's always me and PM, and of course baby, to blow out the candles for Min later. heh.

So we decided that PM would get a chocolate cake. At the last most minute, I thought of getting an ice-cream cake instead. But guess what! PM has already bought the cake early in the morning. Gosh. She was afraid she'll be late. Oh well, I guess ... there's good and there's bad.

A couple of second thoughts:

1. We will have to get another layer of curtains for the living and stairs. The damn bloody freaking sun is too hot! I can do sauna while watching TV!

2. Perhaps we should get a telephone connection upstairs after all. If dear hubby reads this, he'll probably throttle me, since I was the one so adamant in not having one upstairs! heh.

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