Friday, January 13, 2006

Hot hot day

Today baby had his second hep B jab. He now weighs about 4.6kg, and looks at least two months old, not one! Boy, he sure is heavy. I try not to worry too much about how much milk he's drinking. I guess there's no point worrying. He's all right, pass the one month mark, and seems to be doing very well. Why do I worry so? I need to get out of the house!

And my dear baby isn't a cry-baby, that's for sure! :) I held him down, and dear hubby jabbed him, he screamed for a while, but was immediately soothed when I carried him again, and dozed off in a while. See ... some babies would be crying non-stop after that. heh heh.

My flu jab hurt a bit though. Can I be the cry-baby instead? :P

Baby has found his voice. He loves to stretch like a cat and makes all kinds of sounds doing that. Sometimes that got me running to him cos I thought he was unwell or something. Now I know better. heh

Life is good. Fly away worries.

Baby and cat. Which is fatter?

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