Friday, February 17, 2006

A wisp of time

We have finally bought baby a car .. I mean pram. Sure hope he'll like his new toy, although it didn't seem that way when we were going home last night. He still wanted to be carried. Oh dear!

I could get used to life like that. :) It isn't too bad when I am not imprisoned in my house all day all week. On Monday, I brought baby out on my harness to have lunch with my parents. My wrist hurt after that! But it was nice to get some fresh air and lunch was nice, especially when I could have a break from baby. Besides he slept throughout the outing, only woke up for his milk. Went home and cooked dinner after that. On Tuesday, I stayed at home and cooked and did the chores, only going out for yoga at night. On Wednesday, Mom came to baby-sit after lunch and I could go for a wonderful massage. Thursday is reserved for dearest hubby. And Friday is a rest day for me. :) Damn, I could really get used to such a week!

Baby is now sleeping so soundly. Will get a book to read and cuddle up with him. There's no American Idol today, I'm kinda hooked on the show. :P

It's easier to read baby nowadays. He's getting bigger and I could understand him somewhat. There are three cries to baby. When he screams, and screams real loud, it simply means he wants his milk and he wants it now. Non negotiable, thank you. No amount of carrying, hugging, twirling, rocking will humour him. Very fierce the little one.

Then there's the ekekek cry which tells you he wants to be carried. He wants to look at the world go by upright, and not just lying on his back. Oh, and he wants to be carried and walked about. Why are you simply sitting on the sofa. Get your butt off and show me around! Very demanding the little one.

And there's also this unhappy uhuhuh cry which tells you he wants you to change his diapers. I'm dirty down there, full of sticky poo, and it's really uncomfortable. Are you going to change me? Sob. Very particular the little one.


And beyond all those cries and sleeping, my dearest baby has the cutest and happiest of smiles. He'll be laughing and smiling and chatting non-stop when he has your attention, or sometimes when he's just be lying there looking up into the sky.

Happy baby. :)

Money is cheap. Everyone simply wants to be a sleeping partner. Ha.

Grandma went to stay in the hospice because her wound was taking a long time to heal. The nurse came and didn't think mom knew how to do a proper job and kept pushing for admission. It's good that mom could have a breather now, besides a piece of wound dressing was so expensive. Imagine four dollars for one square piece per day. Or perhaps two pieces a day when mom changed her dressing twice.

Within less than a week, the doctor said that Grandma is failing fast. Blood pressure extremely low and perhaps some kind of pneunomia. Preparations must be made. How ironic. To think that Grandma was to go in to heal her wound but ended up worse. She could have been better at home.

But Grandma pulled through last night, and we're just wondering if they were simply exaggerating. We're so used to her and she's always like that. The same, unaware of anyone, unable to talk, to laugh to cry to eat to walk to do anything on her own.

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