Saturday, June 13, 2009

Interactions between the son and daughter

The two kiddos are getting along very nicely. Now the son also has war scars to show. Just yesterday, for no rhyme or reason, both of them were lying on the bed, the daughter went over to the son and gave him one big fierce toothy love bite.

We were wondering why the son was crying so much. That was a real cry with tears of pain. He didn't retaliate or anything. He just cried his heart out. We took a look and saw evil looking toothmarks on his arm. The daughter was looking as innocent as ever and was just doing her things as per normal. Wah.

heh heh. Okie, daddy smack the daughter's bottom and I comforted the son. All's well that ends well.

Then at night the son came home with another scar under his eyes. Mei mei scratched me, he said.

Ah well.

We always tell the son not to jump on the bed else he'll fall. So he jumped on the bed and he fell. And hit his head against the chest of drawers, got up a bit stunned, took a look at my face, and didn't even whimper. Not a sob, not a cry. And coming from the crybaby boy, very impressive. hahaha.

He played with the blanket, and rolled off the bed, and hit his head on the floor with a loud thud today. This time he cried, of course, did I mention that he's a crybaby?

Of course I comforted him!

The son has started swimming lessons and all they have been learning is blowing bubbles, that's what my mom says. He still didn't dare put his head under water. I guess it'll take some time. The daughter loves swimming. We have been bringing the kids swimming more often now. Perhaps that's why I got sick too.

The daughter loves what the son is eating. She finishes her porriage and looks at her brother's and started making a lot of noise. The son loves his sister's porriage and finishes up her leftover. So to make my life easy, from now onwards, I will cook porriage for both of them in the same pot. So there.

Both kids are awake now. More later, on adventure of shopping! :)

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