Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Those were the days when I would make dashi stock from stratch. Actually I only made it once, or was it twice? When I made chawan mushi. Nowadays I just buy ready-made dashi stock from the supermarket. Have evolved.

Am still toying with the idea of making dashi stock. Actually bought kelp and bonito flakes. But that was like more than a year ago before I was expecting my 2nd kiddo. Can I still use them? Or will I poison my friends? haha.

So I bought two more Japanese cookbooks. I think I have more japanese cookbooks than anything else. Will try making the dobinmushi soon. Looks easy. Just need the teapot. heh heh. Which I don't have. See. Got excuse to shopping again.

Come to think of it, it would be nice to have an ice-cream maker too. hahaa. Home-made ice-cream. Sounds yummy? Sure sounds good.

Am thinking of making ox-tail stew soon. My pork-rib stew hubby gave thumbs up. Parents also gave thumbs up. Then mom copied me and we also gave her thumbs up. haha. I put sweet potato, carrots, onions and tomatos and stewed it over the stove. Maybe I should consider putting the whole thing in the oven. Not sure if my coningware can fit the small oven. Time to take some measurements if I'm seriously going to do ox-tail. Heh. Hubby said that finally (after five years), I managed to cook something which my parents copied, and not the other way round. Hello, excuse me! I did quite a few things which didn't come from them too! Although most of the time I was just plain lazy. :p

Hubby just need to buy a bigger house so that I have a bigger kitchen to cook in, and he can have a basement for his home theatre, and another room for his lego display. ha. ha. ha.

What's with the movies nowadays? It's the June holidays and there isn't anything good in the cinemas! What happened to Star Trek and Wolverine? How come there's so few selection in the cinemas? Aiyoh ... no wonder people are not going to the cinemas. Still, we had a good time watching Chronicles of Narnia: The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe with the son today. At home. Too bad, no potato chips. haha. We love the hot stuffs. The son apparently likes it too, except that he'll beg for water after that. He only takes the hot stuffs if it's unhealthy.

More on swimming today later ...

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casiewbao said...

i did like scv providing good shows every now and then..... movie is a luxury for me.