Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Have evolved.

The little missy finishes her lunch about the same time the son takes to finish his cup of water. Make that say ten to fifteen minutes.

Her poo is no longer the baby poo. It's round and well formed and solid brown in colour. Looks soft and moist too. haha.

She still refuses to stand and walk on her own. Crawl is the best transportation from one place to another.

Dinner tonight. Satisfaction level: high.

The fried tofu finally tasted quite decent. And it didn't splash so much in the oil. The last time I got bloody burnt by oil ... *mutter* The hint is to drain the tofu dry. Grrr. Neighbour didn't tell me that! That's why my cookbooks are good. Haha. Not that I follow any recipe from them, I just read them and get a general idea.

The pumpkin soup also tasted better than the last time. Maybe it's because I added a tablespoon of sake in it. Ran out of my cooking rice wine, so added a tablespoon of my expensive sake. Better be good!

Same for the roast chicken thighs. I think I need to change it to grilled chicken thighs! :P

Photography still need improvement. Photos still not as great as Obachan's. She's my source of inspiration! :)

roast chicken thigh.

pumpkin soup.

fried tofu with minced pork

And in case you're wondering, yep, I cooked everything myself. The maid only helped me chop the garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots, and debone the chicken. Maybe I should use a food processer to mash up the soup, but everyone kinda like the texture so far.

To self: must get a deep-fryer!

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casiewbao said...

my MIL made very nice pumpkin soup.. she kinda blend very smooth:-)