Monday, June 22, 2009

Things that amused me today.

1. Man came and stood in front of counter.
Me: Yes?
Him: Locum.
Me: Huh?
Him: Locum dr from 2 to 5pm.
Me: Huh? Which clinic?
Him: XX
Me: XX clinic is down the corridor.
Duh. So super blur. Like how? I wanna roll my eyes and say something suan. Duh.

2. Pt trying to get MC although not sick. Came with friend, eating ice-cream, and conspiring outside the counter. Of course I'll 'warn' hubby first. Duh. After she got booted out, came and whine to me (and friend), so I asked her: Are you sick? no. So I advised her nicely: cannot come for mc if not sick, go tell your school that you tired never go lor. DUH. If really want to pretend to be sick, at least give a good excuse right? Stupidity level very high. I had to go back behind the counter to roll my eyes up my forehead.

3. Pt saying: I've been here before. Do I need to give you my name? DUH. Like I know the names of all the dogs and cats in the neighbourhood. Seriously trying hard not to roll my eyes in front of pt.

Apparently the pt from 2 went into the consult room and told the dr: I'm not sick but could I have an mc please? Me jaw dropped. Think she's prob sick in her head or too stupid. No wonder got booted out. Ha.

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casiewbao said...

gosh your eyes must be very tired from all the rolling today... hahahhhah

i like that part 3, do you need my name. dude, if u r robert pattinson and I am mending the counter, hell no, u don't need!!!!