Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What I do when I stay at home all day

Watch korean dramas. Now I know how addicting it is. I'm not so addicted to it yet, since what I've watched is something I've taped on TV, the usual 7pm one. But man, you can just feel your butt sticking on the sofa and your brain juices flowing out of your ear.

So indulgent.

Maybe it's because of the bloody fever. I think it almost hit 39 degress last night. Hubby complained that I'm making him sweat and I didn't want the aircon on too. haha.

So I'm popping two paracetamol and going down to help hubby. Must start on antibiotics too. Augmentin original is still the best. Have to get at the pharmacy. Think hubby should just keep some in stock for me.

Without the son around, life is so quiet and peaceful. The daughter is so easy to feed and take care, except that she's really getting too heavy to be carried, and need to learn to walk soon!

Poor girl, because daddy took a picture of her with the flash, and she was surprised and fell down and whack her head and needed stitches. Good thing for glustitch!

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