Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What I do when I stay at home all day part two.

Now I'm feeling bad for letting my parents talk me into not letting the son go for his school excursion. I think he'd have enjoyed himself. *sigh* And it's such a nice weather today. What the heck.

Feel like dim sum. Haven't had good dim sum for a long time. Felt so much for dim sum that I went to eat the frozen dumplings. Not as good but enough to satisfy my cravings. Especially when I finished the whole pack of 12 all by myself. haha.

I should tidy up the house a bit since the son is not around and the daughter is sleeping peacefully. But I feel like doing nothing and just idle around more. Excuse? I'm still sick.

Reading the news. So many sad articles, so many interesting articles. So many things happening around the world.

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