Saturday, June 13, 2009


So I told my galfriend that I need to go back, since my fever was starting to come back, and it was almost time for the antibiotics. But I couldn't resist walking past the shop, it was on the way to the mrt anyway, and the shop was on sale!

Zoomed in, tried on the shoes again, and a few pairs more, while waiting for my galfriend to come over for moral encouragement or whatever, haha. Surprise, when one is busy shopping, one doesn't feel any pain or sickness at all.

Would have bought two pairs, except the other one did not have my size, just a little bit tight.

And I am really sick, otherwise I would have gone to Tods too.

What is up with Tods nowadays? I see so many people carrying tods shopping bags, tods bags etc. And someone a few floors down was carrying a Tods bag which I had my eye on for a while! Arrgh. No wonder Wen went upmarket and is buying Hermes now.

More shopping needed. Need to check out cookbooks at Kino, wallet? :P ... heh heh.

Now I need to recover quickly. Seems like this round of antibiotics is working slower.

BTW, Waston is more expensive than Guardian. And Unity is like $10 more ex than the other two. Hubby sure is blur though, he said that the chap was the same. haha. But the first time, he actually bought it at Guardian. I wonder. :p

And he completely misses the big green flashing light button at the entrance of the carpark. And it even says 'Press here'. He was looking at it (or rather the general direction), and tapping his fingers away. :P

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