Sunday, June 07, 2009

Strike Three

No fear emily strikes again.

The daughter swims like a duck. She floats like a duck. She goes 'qwawawawawa' like a duck. She shows her butt like a duck. (Her swimsuit too big!) All in all, she loves the water. And this is only her second dip.

The son cries and clings to mummy like he's going to drown.


It took a long while before the son calms down enough to get some swimming done.

I managed to swim 3 laps, is one lap to and fro? Or does that make 6 laps? *scratch head*

Yeah! Tummy getting smaller? Gotta eat less. haha.

Too busy swimming to take photos or videos. :P

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casiewbao said...

same for me, younger one seems to love the water instantly. but now the older one is taking swimming lessons, he is a lot better.

told wen, she nids to get an apt w pool, then we all chiong thr w our kids.