Friday, June 03, 2005

Nothing doing

It's a beautiful day this morning. If only I do not need to go to work later, that would have been perfect. Now that hubby is not in, it's indeed a good time to clean the house. It's still a bit messy. And it still needs a few more furniture, just that we ran out of money.

Oh well, don't we always need more money? :P

Going out with PM is always interesting. Pigs would fly if she were on time. And I was too optimistic to think that I could get her on her handphone. Yep, it died on her. YS was disappointing too. She didn't turn up. Now why wasn't I too surprised after all? Anyway it was a fun evening. I did my nails before that, and now got a pretty set of toes. heh. PM must learn to be firm and say no without feeling bad. I never have any problems with that ... most of the time. I guess I'm more practical and bochup what others think. Oh well. I got irritated and told her to just tell them no if she didn't want it instead of saying next time. It reads indisicive and sharks are out smelling that blood. The sales talk was really annoying. And I was getting hungry.

Poor PM. I guess sometimes we get gullible when we are down.

But now is a good time to look for apartments. Min might want to take note of some around the city area. Some of the small units looked really good, and perhaps the prices might be suitable. Check out Saturday's newspapers. They usually have their adverts then.

I guess I'm really fortunate to have someone to share the burden of buying a place of our own. It's nice to be able to live away from your parents. My parents are the nicest people on earth, yet I still felt stifling staying with them. I think it's the being able to be mature and independent thingy. You also grow up faster. Not allowing people the means to live on their own is really rotten. Lack of space and housing is just so lame. They just don't want the young people to be too individualistic and independent huh. So they rather let all those public housing go empty.

Well, I'm sure my galfriends can afford it when it comes down to getting a small place of their own. Just that, it simply shackle you to the bank and you really become a poor slave after that. Freedom of another kind, prison of another type.

*sticks head back into the sand*

And we continue to fool ourselves and have pretty dreams.

What a nice morning this is. There are things that need doing around the house. To work!

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