Sunday, June 12, 2005

Super idle sunday

There isn't anything much to write about nowadays since life is peaceful and monotonous. Some may say boring, but I kinda liked it. Just days passing by, like the clouds floating across the sky. Not much worries ... and being happy to spend the time with my dear hubby. Perhaps it has also because I've come to accept it as part of life. After all, if not now, when?

So another idle sunday goes by. We woke up latish ... not me, I managed to catch Japan Hour again, had a nice dim sum brunch at a kopishop near by, which was pretty good, and idled the afternoon away. When hubby wakes from his nap, I bet he'll be feeling hungry again. heh. Going for a dip later in the evening, pack the bags for tomorrow, and perhaps if there's time, go out and buy some stuffs for tomorrow.

Yep, and that will be a short trip to Penang. I've not been there for ages. The highlight would be all the nice food which I'm kinda looking forward to. And we'll be visiting my granny as well. Father has volunteered to be our tour-guide, but he hasn't been to Penang either for a while. Hopefully my aunts/uncles would be free to bring us around. Never had been really close to all my cousins. The big ones are all over the country, I doubt we'll be seeing any of them.

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