Friday, June 03, 2005

Woe betide the careless

Oh, what have I done! *slaps hand to forehead*

My two games of chess in chessworld have gone down the longkang. Flush and see it swirling. No photoshop to show the horrible mess I'm in, thank goodness ... not something I want to remember. I'm just sitting on them till I decide on a good day when I'm in a happier mood to resign. They are absolutely hopeless. No knight in shining armour's going to help me. *sob*

Latest addiction of a game: Chuzzle! Wow ... my eyes kinda hurt playing for hours. Very addicitive. That of which was like ultima was a bit tough. After getting killed twice, enough is enough. Perhaps I shall go and dig out my old games. Wonder if I still have them.

I think I should go and rest my eyes. Chuzzle is damn addictive. All those yahoo games in fact. Brainless and addictive. Just the sort to pass the nights away. Definitely good to vegetate.

I should continue on my knitting instead. Of maybe even ... ahem, put in a bit more effort in my chess. *bleah*

We might do a class action suit. Neighbours aren't very happy either.

I'm very tired. I just want my furniture and my lights and have a warm and cozy home.

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