Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Chuzzle puzzle

When all else fails, you know that you can always rely on mom to have lunch with, or to spend some time together with. I guess I'm one of the lucky few people who really get along with their mothers. Last night she accompanied me to get some groceries and we had dinner together. This afternoon, when there's no one else to have dim sum with, and you really feel like having dim sum, because otherwise there will hardly be a chance to have nice dim sum again ... so who do you call? Mom's the best! :)

We don't eat a lot, and it's nice to bring her out to eat something which we both like. Now if only my grandmother is well. She loves dim sum too. Unfortunately and sadly, her life is pretty much gone. So I tell myself, I will bring my mom out more often to enjoy nice meals together, especially to places where she likes to eat. One never knows when a stroke might hit, or when the brain fails. And everyone gets old ... too fast.

After that, I tried to put my mind seriously into getting something for Wen ... for her birthday many many months back. It's really difficult to get something nice for her. She has everything she wants .... and damn it, she got a damn expensive taste as well. In terms of trinklets ... I cannot appreciate the stuffs she likes, so it's kinda difficult. Very difficult. Very very difficult. Extremely explosively difficult. It's giving me a headache and I had to retire early. Will shop another day. :P

Didn't manage to get my books from the library yet. Should I play more chuzzle? Or maybe I should go and do some housework. heh heh. Four rounds. That's really it. :P

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