Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Insomaic ramblings

Just a cup of Earl Grey this morning and I'm doomed to be awake and hyper the whole day. Tea was at about eightish, and it's more than twelve hours but the effects have not worn off. Oh dear me.

Perhaps three teaspoon is way too much. Even hubby felt super hyper after that. Must use less leaves. :P Wedgewood's having a sale. Is the tea there any nicer than Godiva? The Earl Grey at Coffee Club tastes really interesting, the last time I had was like two years ago, I wonder what kind they use. I'm starting to like earl grey as much as ceylon. Mustn't drink too much though. :P

So here I am, after tossing and turning for a while in bed. My brains are still on full gear, and my body is extremely awake. We swam this morning, extremely refreshing ... and I think I'm of two colours now. There were millipedes on the floor of the pool, must be careful not to squash them. Yikes. Hubby didn't care much. But I went all googled eyed staring hard and trying to avoid them. I need to build up stamina again, kinda feeling breathless after a while.

I was remembering something earlier, and thought that it might be worth putting it down to remember. But unfortunately, there are people reading this, and it might be rather strange. Perhaps another time. Somehow, my eyelids seem to be getting heavier. Somehow the mood seems to have dissipated too.

Ah well.

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