Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy endings

I've finally gotten to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. After hearing so much about it too. Didn't really read the reviews, but heard it was pretty good. Well, it was a pleasant surprise. I always thought Jim Carey was only good as a lousy joker. He sure did a pretty good job in this show. In the beginning, I caught no ball ... but as the story progress, it capitavated and engrossed ... and it was really rather charming ... and most interesting. Ingenious too.

No matter how much you can erase your memories, what attracts you to the person still seems to attract.

And going back into your memories of the good times, you realised just how important the person you loved is to you.

It just felt so powerful.

There are always good times and bad times. Perhaps the trick to live happily (or maybe not happily but to be in love) ever after is to remember the good times and continously change and improve. Both learn important things about themselves and each other. And when they are willing to accept that and work towards loving each other ... perhaps that's all that matters?

True isn't it?

There was a mutual attraction, yet they ended up pushing each other away. I'm so glad it ended happily ... with a hope, and a hope is enough for a dream.

And I'm so glad to be so lucky ... to have found someone to belong to.


There will always be good memories and bad memories ... and hopefully there will always be more good than bad memories. :)

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