Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Teesie Weesie Problems

The problem with having a nice hot shower is that afterwards you just don't feel like doing anything much at all, except wrap yourself nicely and snuggedly in bed and snooze a bit.

The problem with eating out is that those food contain so much salt and MSG that it makes you so thirsty and you found horribly that your stomach can only hold a certain amount of water and watermelon and it's still not enough to quench that awful thirst.

The problem with having dinner with dear hubby is that lunch was only three hours ago and the food in your stomach have not had the chance to really digest but you would rather eat with him than eat alone later, so you stuff yourself happily because once you start eating, it doesn't seem so bad, except that afterwards you really feel fat and bloated.

The problem with dearest hubby is that he is a kaibutsu (monster) who actually can feel hungry three hours after huge lunch, and three hours later after huge dinner, and almost every hour in between.

Hey, so I didn't succumb to the nice inviting bed with the cozy covers to wrap oneself in, but I washed the clothes instead. You can't just dump them all in the washing machine, you have to soak them for a while, not too long or they'll smell, rinse and/or scrub them and finally put them into the wash. Hubby is more detailed than I. Me? I'm not that patient.

I wonder how Xena is. She doesn't seem to be writing anymore. I hope she is all right after her treatment. I must remember not to bug her to write more often for my amusement, else she'll definitely start charging me a flat rate. heh.

Okie, now all I need to do is to try to throw out all that dinner I had earlier so that I'll feel much more at ease. Damn feeling so bloated now. ... n e e d w a t e r ! Must not watch TV and eat at the same time. Unconscious shoving of food in mouth is definitely not healthy! Arrgh.

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