Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random musings Part 2

Oh, I forgot to mention that my daughter loves biting me on my tummy too. I see all these tooth marks on my round belly. I guess it's more convenient to crawl pass me and take a bite out of mummy's tummy huh.

The son loves to take his medicine. I hope he doesn't become a hypocondraic in future. He will ask for this and that and show me his cough and so on. And we only give him herbal cough medicine. It actually tastes like honey.

The daughter doesn't like her medicine yet. She was tricked a few times before since I had been using her dinner spoon to feed her the medicine, but this morning and just now, she was bright enough to catch me pouring the medicine out from the bottle. Now she protested loudly and violently, which caused most of the medicine to spill down her dress. If this goes on, it's back to the syringe and force-feedings.

I think pred makes one very hungry and thirsty. It didn't make me sleepy. Afterall, pred is a steriod, it prob makes one more hyped up.

I realised that when I'm stressed or unhappy, I shop. Or maybe it is the pred.

Shopping nowadays doesn't restrict itself to buying things for myself. I have two cute kids to shop for. heh heh.

I bought my daughter a cute My Melody swimsuit. Yep, it's time to take her swimming!

The son needs new swim pants too. :) So does the hubby.

See, there's always a reason to shop.

It's kinda sad when no one makes any plans for you for your birthday. Either you plan it yourself or you do it yourself. And that makes you don't want to bother after all.

So it's nice to have a birthday cake from PM and Min, and the cake really tasted yummy. Thanks!

The son just had art class yesterday and he made a chicken with a dinosaur egg. After whining the whole of last night, I finally gave him permission to 'crack' open the egg. Unfortunately there was no baby dino in the egg, except lots of old newspapers which he happily strewn all over the carpet. I would have gotten him to clean up except that the sister needed to be fed. Grrrr.

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