Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thoughts of the day.

So ... in the space of ... what? a month? the dear friend got herself not one, but two loves of her life. Looks real beautiful. Us poor slaves can only drool from the gutter. I doubt I will even get to sniff something as close as something from Hermes. It's depressing to be poor.

Being poor means having to work so damn hard. Like 7 days a week everyday. And having to pay debts. *sigh*

Maybe I should see a fortune teller and see what my fortune is like. Definitely not one who is going to be rich for sure!

So over the course of the weekend, I am reinforced with the fact that I really really hate smokers. The horrible digusting smoke smell permeates insidiously and invades your right to have clean fresh air. You cough, you splutter, you sneeze because of the stupid disgusting smoke smell. The rubbish chute caught fire again for the third time in the month, and it must be because of a lighted cigarette huh? We could all have been killed in our sleep. Murders, child-murders, all these smokers. They should all be hurled to court and declared would-be murders for smoking and filling my lungs and my children's lungs with second-hand smoke, and causing me and my children to suffer from lung cancer and what-nots.

And what does the NEA say? Only if we caught them red-handed smoking a cigarette. That is not enough, you know. Can you be on standby twenty four hours? It's just lip service you're paying. What if the whole room has a stale cigarette smell? Can't you do anything? Otherwise your 'law' is just for everyone to ridicule. Come on, wake up and really do something about it. Non smokers are suffering! My poor dear kids are suffering! I am suffering!

I want to sue you for causing me to have cancer for breathing in your f**8ing second-hand smoke.

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casiewbao said...

point a: how she manage two loves... maybe we can take turns to help to look after one for her.... tht's as close as we can get to smell a hermes....

point b: is there a smoke detector they cn install in the chute?