Sunday, May 03, 2009

Happy as can be

I am very happy today.

Went out shopping. Bought some birthday presents for myself. Met up with my girlfriend. She bought lots of pretty stuffs for me. *beamz* Not sure if I will ever use them, but they're so pretty! I promise I'll try to use them, k? :P

The son was very cooperative today and didn't protest at all when I asked him to stay with his grandma today. How strange. He didn't even protest when his father told him his 'five minutes' of bathtime is up. He just turned off the tap and came out of the bathroom by himself, without any protest. I was impressed. Gosh, he's like an angel today. Is it because he's getting closer to being in the fabulous four stage?

I bought my son a pair of jeans recently. He liked it so much that he's wearing it almost everyday, and was very upset when we had to wash it. He's even wearing it to bed, until I told him that if he pees in it, it'll spoil and we have to throw it away. haha. It was quite hard to find a good pair of jeans for him. I was looking for one which is of denim material but has no buttons or zip. You can't expect a 3 year old kid to zip and button his own pants himself can you? So finally found one at Giodano Junior. All of us liked it very much. Looks like I have to get him another pair or else we'll never get him to wash his jeans again! Most of his classmates are wearing jeans, and my dear son is now part of the 'in' group. haha. So fashion conscious, this kiddo. I got him a pair of sunglasses too. Man, you should have seen him in his getup.

The daughter finally has her fourth tooth out. Hopefully she'll be less grumpy now. She has been grinding her teeth quite actively, and I was worried for a while that she has an overbite. Will continue to monitor her situation. The other thing I was worried about was her urine. Hubby was commenting that her urine seemed to have an unpleasant smell. Hmmm ...

The son has been trigger-happy these few days. Looks like he's been taking lots of photos with the camera when I was not looking. heh.

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