Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Have no fear

The mouse has absolutely no fear. She climbs the stairs like there's no tomorrow. Breaks all records. Now you see her, now you don't. No sweat. Without a pause. And lots of noise.

She stands tall in the car. She stands tall in the bathroom. I bathe her standing up nowadays and she's supposed to hold onto the sides for support. Have no fear Emily grabbed hold of her brother's tumbler and proceeded to sing into it. And then tried drinking the water in it. I was caught off guard and tried snatching the cup away from her. Somehow somewhere, she did a humpty dumpty and cried buckets, and a lovely purplish blue now decorated her forehead.

Still no fear girl still does what she likes best. Standing and climbing and lurching. Think she can walk very soon.

She loves headbutting me. I think that's her idea of giving hugs.

She kisses on demands, but it feels more like a big toothy bite.

She grabs her brother's hair and pull. Hard. And scratches him back with all her strength too. Her brother is a softie when it comes to her. He only beat her up when mama is the prize.

She gets jealous when mama carries the brother and she cries just as loudly as when her brother cries.

She loves all the toys her brother is playing with.

She loves books and she loves flipping through them by herself.

She likes using the phone and she was caught hitting her head with the aircon remote control.

She prefers the aircon remote control to her doll. And she prefers the aircon remote control with batteries in it.

She eats like a greedy pig. She finishes her lunch in all 5 minutes. And her dinner too.

She's sooooo cute. I'd love to bring her out except that she doesn't like anyone else to carry her. And she makes noise when you eat in front of her.

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