Saturday, May 30, 2009

Too much tea musings

Have a bad headache again. Maybe I got a tumor in my head? It's always the left side which is throbbing.

Throat itchy! Nose itchy! Ear itchy! It's the left side too.

Happy diamonds so pretty. ;)

I've forgotten how painful it is to be bitten at the nipple.

The daughter is less forgiving than the son. She bit me because she didn't like to be forced to drink more milk. She bit me because she didn't like me to clean her ears. She bit me because ... I also dunno.

Maybe it's time to wean? But I kinda enjoy the bonding and besides the son had 2 years of it. Don't wanna shortchange the daughter. Besides I just bought nice new nursing bra at wacoal. Really pretty, unlike those I had been wearing since the son.

Hubby's friend said that chronic sinusities may be caused by fungus. Maybe I have mushrooms growing in my left brain?

Pred made me feel like I had 2 shots of real thick espresso coffee. Not that I drink coffee, but it made me super awake, super heightened sensitivity to surroundings, and made me feel like a super human. Went jogging on pred.

Now no energy.

Started doing some sun salutations in the morning. Body kinda ached after that.

Need to lose the bump, else pple think I'm expecting a 3rd kid.

Hubby is reliving his 2nd childhood. Lego train set and pirate ship. I think we need a bigger house.

If anyone is buying birthday presents for the kiddos, please go for either Lego or Playmobile. Personally I'd prefer Playmobile. Heh.

The son is requesting for a playmobile helicopter. He got a playmobile alligator instead. I will probably get the helicopter next week. Mummy gets playmobile, daddy gets lego. He actually has two Lego helicopters, and he can probably build many more, but playmobile is easier to play.

Most kids his age play with Thomas Toy Train. I think my kiddo is going to play with Lego toy train.

Most kids his age like Barney. He has all kinds of dinosaurs except Barney. Barney is too weird.

Watched Twilight half way. Too boring to continue. Now I remember why I always dislike vampire-themed movies. So boring. Agreed that Buffy was much more exciting, but never really watch that either.

Hubby wants to get the daughter a kitchen set. Went Toys'r'us and ELC. Will check out Better Toy Store soon. Personally I like the stuffs at Better Toy Store. heh.

Looking for a 'shock-proof' cheap camera for the son to use. Maybe even a laptop? So that he won't take ours. Gosh, kids nowadays are so lucky.

Maybe I should start taking anti-fungal medicine.

Daughter crawls very well and is refusing to walk. She is becoming more bold when standing and tends to let go her hands holding on for support. Fell on her bum twice but did that stop no fear emily? Don't think so.

Am thinking of looking for new violin teacher and violin classes for the son. Son has no chemistry with the teacher. For goodness sake, this is supposed to be Suzuki BABY violin class! If you don't have the patience to teach little children then you shouldn't be teaching such a class. For the teacher who is the principal of the school to say to my son to 'put away your umbrella', and totally shut him out for the whole lesson because it's a group class and my son isn't 'behaving' himself, I think I have the right to complain, and I think I will, and I will be withdrawing him once I finish this term. Why call it a Suzuki BABY violin class when you can't even teach a baby! Ha. My son was enthusiastic once but not so now, because the teacher is 'fierce'. He doesn't say so, but I can see that she's not used to teaching 'babies'. Most of the kids in class are already four years old. My son needs lots of encouragement because he tends to be more reserved and shy and extra sensitive, and by not encouraging him it's not going to work for him.

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