Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random musings

My keyboard shift key is a bit stuck after the girl went at it a while back. So sometimes I got lazy and use non-caps.

Have no fear emily strikes again by going down the one foot mattress head-on. I thought she would have fallen flat on her face, only to see her using her strong arms to support herself down the bed. She can do handstands now!

She can call mama, ah ma and a while back papa. Except now she only calls ah ma to everything. One of her first words was: duck duck or is it dark dark? There's no duck and it's not dark though.

She's into biting people again. I've got bitten on my thigh, my arms, my face. And the son got bitten on his hand and shoulder. The bite-marks showed up blue black.

I'm afraid my motivation for going back to work had fallen back to zero again since I can't possibly buy a 4k wallet even though I can probably afford it if I return to work.

If I return to work, I will not be able to 'enjoy' violin classes with the son, I bet he might be happy about that though.

At a tender age of 3 1/2 years, the son says he doesn't want to go to school because school is hard work and he wants to stay at home and play with his toys.

Prednisolone is the medicine. All cough and vomiting in the middle of the night has stopped immediately the night we geve them. The kids get to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Every other medicine doesn't actually work. We gave the older one flumicil to get rid of the phelgm, but we are still undecided what to give the little one for her phelgm. Hmm

Some people are afraid of taking pred, I know I was last time especially when I lost my voice. Now I'm also on it for some stupid allegy due to the last spa treatment. But not before I scratched myself bruised.

I must really really cut down on spending. Otherwise I need to go back to work or do something cos I'm getting a bit bored.

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