Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brown cow, moo moo

Okie, the verdict is out. Hermes is a whole level of quality and cost by itself. What is Tods when there's Hermes. For your information, I've never stepped into LV. Too many imitation floating around. And they're mainly canvas huh?

So over the weekend, when my girlfriend celebrated my birthday with me, hello .. where's the cake? heh. Okie, lunch was really nice, except that said girlfriend did not want to eat pork so I polished up her leftovers and everything else. All thoughts of losing weight has been thrown out of the window. How to diet like that? Then we popped down to Chopard, and I chose the happy diamond necklace I liked. The conspirator was even more helpful than the sales lady, although I must say, the service was not too bad. And I've decided I'd like a necklace for my brithday present and a ring for our 5th wedding anniversary which was last year. I didn't really get anything, did I? Not a single piece of jewellery from the in-laws or my parents since the day I got married and had kids. Only a wedding band and engagement ring from the hubby.

It's no wonder I always felt that the in-laws never accept me as their daugther-in-law. I wonder why I still bother to try.

Okie, I could just have bought the happy diamonds on the spot, but it's nice if the guy gets it right?

Then we strolled down to Hermes, since the girlfriend had a bone to pick with the staff there. Off we go, hand in hand (well, sorta), with her carrying her new Hermes birkin. The shop was kinda ... dingy, you know. It didn't feel grand at all. For such expensive things they sell in their boutique, you'd expect they improve their decor. And the service, like gf said, sucked big time. Atrocious. You have this feeling that the sales lady was looking down her big nose at you all the time. ha.

But that particular wallet. At first glance, I didn't think much about it. It wasn't really my type of design I'd like. But ... but but but, when you hold it in your hand, you are really amazed by the softness of the leather, the quality, the make of it. Gosh, it took my breath away. That's real quality, better than Tods anytime. I would have just bought it then and there, IF the quality of the service was as good as the quality of the wallet. Seriously, I still might go down and get it. But like what my gf said, why do we want to buy things from such lousy service huh?

Damn brain is on strike. 1. I did get my bonus this year. :p 2. Hubby still owe me salary from Dec last year. 3. I really want a new wallet.

But if I come back with a Hermes wallet now, it's going to be very hard to tell one's hubby that one just splurge one month's salary on a piece of leather.

How much does a cow cost?

Some people might think that I'm living the life of a 'tai-tai'. Especially when I talk about Hermes and Tods and Chopard etc. Heh ... even hubby commented on it once, and this is what I rebutted.

Who is the one who makes breakfast every morning? Not the hubby or the maid. Weekends we get sausages and tomatoes and cucumbers (big breakfast style) all in the comfort of the home.

The maid doesn't make the breakfast, because she doesn't get my milo right.

Who is the one who cooks healthy lunches and dinners everyday? Not the maid. The maid only helps me prepare the food before I cook.

Who is the one who bathes the kids and put them to sleep? Not the maid. Kids, we handle ourselves. Although sometimes I have to let the maid feed the older kiddo when I run out of time or when I have to feed the younger.

Who is the one who rushes to buy lunch/dinner for the hubby when she goes out with her friends?

Who is the one who rushes around to bring the kiddo to school and violin class? Okie, maybe this one doesn't quite count.

Who is the one who stands in to work whenever there is no one available, and who tries to do all the mundane stuffs in the office? I only pay myself for the time I'm there when there is no one else, and not for all the other times I'm there doing data entry and stuffs.

Duh, I only go for my spa and stuffs only since I still have an ongoing package. Will not continue with the spa anymore when my points are out, since putting medicated plasters on my back is just as effective, and requires less time.

And we do not even get to go on holidays. I don't even go on trips with my parents now that I'm not working, because it's not very nice to leave the hubby alone. Some other wives might have done it, yeah? And my friends ask me to go on trips with them, but I just can't, right? Would you go on a holiday with your family and friends and leave your husband behind?


The only Hermes stuff I got was a nice hippo tie for the hubby who now says that it's too long.


I also like the blue bag. Not my style though, I'm no longer going to carry heavy leather bags around. It's like carrying a cow around. Moo Moo.

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