Friday, June 09, 2006

B is also for beer and baby scoundrel

Baby doesn't want to drink water at all. In fact, he doesn't even want to drink anything from the milk bottle. We did a simple test today. My father passed him the milk bottle. He sqirmmed and pushed it away. My father then passed him a beer can. Whoa ... baby boy grabbed it and immediately put it to his mouth. Another time, baby gaze was fixed on the TV. My father held the milk bottle in front of him. No reaction. Milk bottle was transparent. Then my father held the beer can in front of him. Without leaving his gaze from the TV screen, baby dearest reached out for the beer can and put it to his mouth. Win already eh?

Did I mention baby dearest has his two front teeth. :) Sooo cute! Heh.

Dearest hubby missed the most spectacular event of the year today. He wasn't at home when it happened. Four days worth of very smelly and slimy brown poo. Two explosions. During change of diapers, he was still oozing brown stuffs. Eeeugh. Guess who was the unfortunate one who had to clean his butt. Eeeugh.

We are upgrading baby dearest to XL diapers. His butt crack shows through when he wears the L diapers. Someone got big butt! Wen should be his godmother. They have a common feature! :P

We are seriously considering to get him a potty on wheels and place him on the potty all day when he runs out of diaper sizes. :X :)

So here he is, my cute little imp ... almost six months old now!

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