Thursday, June 29, 2006

The King of Fruits

It's been a while since I've written anything, I know ... but there's hardly anything interesting to write about. Work, rush home, feed baby, or maybe help out hubby, sleep, work ... rather monotonous, and hardly any time for yoga.

Dear hubby is still in the red. He hasn't got his first paycheck yet. I do hope that things will get better for him. My parents are rather strange people. They should be encouraging us, yet they don't always sound extremely positive especially when I go help my dear hubby. Can't help it what. Any good wife would do such a small thing for her husband right? Hmm ... I wonder what do the in laws think. :P

Anyway, the town central is certainly a big money spending place. Everyday I would pass by those stalls and everyday I would leave with big plastic bags. Of what you say? Fruits. :P The King of the fruits and the Queen of the fruits. Durians, mangosteens, lychees, sometimes grapes and the other day, a very heavy bag of oranges from NTUC. Somedays baby would be grouchy and I have to bring him out for walks. So what do I do? Visit the fruit store and get a box of durians. Sat outside on the benches and wallow in the bitter oh-soo-sweet fruits. Baby loves them too! He'll stare at me without blinking and drool, lick my fingers and smack his lips. Heh heh. That last box on Sunday was really fantastic! One whole box all to myself. And it was so perfect! Hubby was rather put off when I finished everything leaving him none. :P

So far all the durians I bought are really good! Okie, the other really good one was the one Wen got for me at Taka. DROOL .... Damn, now I feel like durians. :P

The mangosteens were really good too. I passed by them today, but I ran out of cash. Perhaps I'll get some tomorrow. :) Can't have durians too often though. One box a week is just nice. :) :) :)

Dear hubby had been sick last week. He ran a fever of 39 degrees for a few days. I was so worried. :( Had to stay up at night to check on him, and he certainly didn't appreciate me trying to sponge him! haha. Antibiotics helped, and you know the best part of it all? He had the same thing a few weeks back and he didn't finish his antibiotics that time! Lesson learnt eh? Some people must kenna whacked left right and centre then can learn. Ha. Then again, I understand how it happened. One gets so busy one forgets to pop the pills. The last time I was on antibiotics I forgot to take the last one. Bleah.

Baby came down with some slight fever on Monday. Cried a bit when we forcedfed him panadol. Fortunately he seems in top shape right now. :) Did I just hear him whimper? Yikes. Baby is still coughing though. At times. Seems to be rather bad. The phelgm. His poor little lungs.

So the other day I blew a balloon for him ...

And he was so extremely entertained by it.

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