Saturday, June 03, 2006

B is for busy

I swear that when the holidays are here, I'm even more busy! One week flew by just like that. Now that the boys are sleeping, I finally get some time to myself. :)

Dear hubby really pushed the car to its limits. On thursday night after I dropped off Wen and picked up hubby, the car finally gave a shudder and almost laid to rest. Almost. Somehow something got stuck somewhere, engine misfired, but fortunately we could still go a phutthering all the way home at second gear. We didn't dare to park the car at the basement carpark, instead we parked along the road for the night. Next morning, we went a phutthering to the car doctor.

Engine oil was due to change some 8000km ago. Brakes were practically worn out. There was something wrong with the gearbox and injection coils. The car doctor told us to bring the car back to the agent to get free stuffs fixed. So we went a phutthering all the way to Leng Kee. Driving at 50 to 70 km/h on the highway was quite and adventure. And the engine was phuttering and the car was shaking all the way.

Today we picked up the car from the agent and went a zooming to get the car serviced. Poor car. It used to get a bath from everyday to once a week to never bathe for few months. And when it was due for servicing we just happily ignored it. Only when the car was at deathbed that we finally brought it to see the doctor, dragging its poor engine all the way around spore. Heh.

We were telling baby that next time when he grows up he might want to be a car doctor. Hey, just two hours of tinkering with it and they're seven hundred plus dollars richer. That's more that what his dad takes home in a week! Yep, baby shall be a car doctor next time. His father whispered into his ear that next time when he brings his cars to see him, he will charge him only ten dollars for each of them. I whispered into his other ear that he'll charge a thousand dollars each, and boy ... baby will be a millionaire in no time!

Baby fell off the bed the other night. I was too tired and slept too soundly. :( I was feeding him and dozed off. The next moment I heard a bump and baby dear was already on the floor. Poor baby. He cried a bit but stopped when I cuddled him.

The last couple of days, baby hadn't been sleeping very well at night. He kept waking up every hour. The first time I didn't know why, and was too tired to discover why. Only in the morning, I decided to rub his tummy and massage it and I did the same last night. He slept soundly after that. I guess he was a little constipated. Hadn't been pooing constantly after I started him on rice cereal. And goodness, now his poo really really stank! And it's like an explosion of brown awful looking and smelly stuffs. Urrgh. Hubby wanted to change jobs with me. Ha. :P

But baby was really really good when I brought him to the yoga demo. Heh heh. :) He just loved all that noise and all that people!

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