Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Three blind mice

Dear hubby is sick again tonight. He's sleeping off the parcetamol right now. It means no work equals no money. *sigh* Dear baby is also a little bit sick. He's sleeping side by side with hubby right now. Hope the small one doesn't get squashed. Heh.

It means I have some time to myself. :) But I can't go for yoga. *sigh*

They gave me back my old class, and took away the better of the worse classes. Damn damn damn. I don't want the old class back! And I'd rather they took that awful class away. *sigh* Now it translates to many many remedials to catch up. :(

I've become quite a TV addict nowadays. Hooked on CSI, House, Top Gear ... to name a few. One of the latest Top Gear had me in stitches. Jeremy, James and the gay guy (I forgot the name) are really cute. I loved the one they challenged one another on a amphibious vehicle. Jeremy modified a small truck and put in a jet engine. Richard (the gay guy ... I think that's the name) transformed a small minivan (minibus?) into a big and heavy ship. And James is the best! He used a car and did a sailing boat. With all that sails too! I can't explain. You just have to watch it.

Then again ... well, the challenge involved them driving around somewhere to reach the lake. James sailboat kept hooking onto trees and hanging cables. Somewhere in the middle, it died and hitched a lift to the lake. I think Richard's boat was too heavy. It died many times too. And Jeremy's seems to be the most problem-free. Anyway, the best part was ... Richard's boat sunk almost immediately when it went into the water. It was too heavy and he forgot to waterproof his boat. Jeremy was doing very very well. He reached the end point, and did too sharp a turn, and the whole amphibian vehicle capsized. Just a couple of feet from land. So slow and steady James was the overall winner after all.

Gosh, I must watch it again! :)

And House too had me in stitches. Can't wait for the next season!

Whoa ... did I just see an ant crawling around my keyboard?

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