Sunday, June 18, 2006

B is for buy!

Working for hubby is definitely an eye opener. One gets to see things one doesn't normally see. Haha. Some quite gross of course. And it didn't get any easier because baby wanted to help as well. Most of the time was spent playing with him and watching House. Heh. And dear hubby is such a relentless taskmaster. I get scolded too, you know. Sniff.

Oh, and there were so many goondu people who didn't know how to read signs. Hubby can't sack me otherwise he would have done so. Hahaha. I scolded each and every goondu person who interrupted my solitare. Under my breath of course. :P

Anyway, that was that. How to make myself happy? I bought two pairs of shoes at the Tods sale. Woohoo! Now trying to see the shoes Wen got. Memory on hp is full so can't receive her message yet. Gotta upload to computer. Heh. Gee, I can't believe she only bought one pair. There were a few more I had wanted to get, but ... *shrug*

Oh dear, baby just fell backwards and kok his head on the floor. Well, there was a mattress under him. Must get a thicker mattress though. The kok was quite loud and he cried pretty loudly. Too bad the rocker was in the car. Baby doesn't seem to want to sleep at all right now. *Sigh*

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