Thursday, June 08, 2006

Peace in the house

I am at home now, minus a baby. Peace has descended. Gosh ... this is like ... so shiok, no baby to worry about. Baby is at his granny's place, being dotted upon and overfed. :P

It's been a while since I've done Astanga Yoga. Damn it, I was so breathless after almost an hour in it. Can't do all those vinyasa towards the end, and my heart felt funny for a while. I am soo soo out of practice. *sigh* I'm not really aching so much actually, but I can feel all my hamstrings are extremely tight. With the seven day free pass, I hope I can go more often during this period.

I'm starting to introduce baby to other foods besides breastmilk. We had the packets of rice cereals and mil even made brown rice (powdered) for him. Baby dear however, doesn't seem to appreciate that at all. We prepared brown rice with water and milk and gave it to him in a milk bottle, and feeding him that is like asking for his life. He cries when he sees us bringing the milk bottle to him! Heh. All he wants is breastmilk. *slaps forehead* ... Oh yes, he'd rather go hungry than to have the bottle.

So I've bought this for him today, it makes mashing fruits easier. :)

Coming home today isn't all about relaxing. I've to wash the clothes are tidy the house a bit. But ... perhaps there's time to catch a nap. :)


P.S: OH how I hate those people who come asking for donations for some charity. Arrgh. You don't force people to donate nor do you blackmill. Can I complain?

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